Straw Blowing
Blown straw over hydroseeding as the
2nd step in a SEED/STRAW/TACK
application can add beneficial surface
erosion control protection to your
slopes prior to seed germination.  
Blown straw with tackifier alone, is
good protection when a temporary
application method is necessary.  The
application of blown straw can be
messy.  Straw is airborne and some
bales are dusty.  In urban areas, we
suggest a wet application (Hydrostraw,
BFM's, FGM's) in lieu of blown straw.  
Contact us to discuss if blown straw is
the right choice for your site.
(831) 763-1811 FAX-2023
Straw blowing is about to be placed over the hydroseeding.
 Immediately following the straw, the tack application will
be completed by the hydroseeder crew.
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