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  1. How long after hydroseeding does seed take to germinate?  All seeded areas must be
    kept continuously wet for the first 7-14 days for germination to be successful.  
    Optimum soil moisture can be maintained with automated or manual irrigation
    systems or through natural rainfall.   Soil temperatures need to be a minimum of 55
    degrees consistently.  
  2. Is the green stuff toxic?  No it is perfectly safe.  The mulch is dye with a green/blue
    green dye that fades with sunlight exposure.  As the mulch fades, the seed
    germinates, replacing one shade of green for another.  The commonly used
    components in our hydroseed slurries are not harmful to the applicators or clients.  
    MSDS are available upon request.
  3. What types of seeds are available at Superior Hydroseeding?  We order all seed on a per
    job basis.  We have available for purchase all types of turf grass, native and non-
    native erosion control grasses and clovers and native and non-native wildflowers.  
    There is a lot to select from.  Name it, and we can get it.  
  4. Why should we hydroseed rather than dry seed?  Hydroseeding provides the most even
    method of seed application.  Hydroseeding is especially effective in making seed
    stick on steep slopes with the addition of tackifier (glue).  If your site does not
    have an adequate water supply, dry seeding is a great alternative.  If you need
    instruction on how to do-it-yourself, just call us, we are happy to guide you through
    the process.
  5. What is the difference between native and non-native seed?  Native seed mixes are
    species native to California.  Many projects require the use of native species.  
    Natives establish more slowly than do non-native species.  Non-native non-
    invasive mixes are available.
  6. How much does hydroseeding cost?  Price is determined by job size, seed mix and
    slurry components and on where the project is located.  We do not have minimum
    pricing & no job is too small or large.  
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